Crime & Prison Law

The Police Station

Alderson Dodds has three duty solicitors and additionally three fully qualified solicitors with extensive experience in this complex important area of work.

You are arrested by the police. What are your rights? Do I have to answer their questions? Can I consult a solicitor at any time? What will it cost me?

This is likely to be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. The legal framework of PACE and its associated codes will dictate the procedure the police must apply but they are professional and you need a professionals on your side.

Alderson Dodds provide attendance at the police station 24/7 365 of the year. This service is free of charge to all our clients irrespective of income or capital.

Get a professional on your side and relieve the stress and pressure with a cool head sitting along side you in interview, challenging the police at the right moments. We have seen so many people who go into the police station on their own and fail to do justice to their case.

At Court

Recent changes in Court procedure means cases come into Court very quickly. There can be a matter of days between charge and court hearing. At Alderson Dodds we deal with emergency situations for clients every day. The key to success is preparation and then thorough delivery by your advocate. The Alderson Dodds advocacy team headed by Paul Dunn have a combined total of 50 years of Magistrates Court advocacy experience. We have represented Defendants in high profile cases including the youngest child charged with murder, pre Bulger. All types of cases have been prepared of which this is a sample only.

  1. Road Traffic, careless driving, dangerous driving, regulatory offences, insurance and tachograph.
  2. Theft, Business Fraud, credit card fraud
  3. Burglary, Robbery
  4. Offences against the person, assault, wounding
  5. Drug offences possession, supply, conspiracy, Drug Trafficking Act
  6. Firearm offences
  7. Murder, rape, manslaughter

From early stages of Magistrates Court preparation to instructing a highly skilled Barrister to represent you at Crown Court, Alderson Dodds provides its services at the highest level.

Court of Appeal and Beyond

Convicted and disgruntled, that can describe a large proportion of the prison population. We are here after conviction. The area of Prisoners Rights is a developing area with the full impact of the European Court of Human Rights yet to be realised. Alderson Dodds can help you prepare your appeal to the Court of Appeal or Criminal Cases Review Commission. We can also help you with an early assessment of your cases whilst in prison. Here are some of the areas you may need help:-

Criminal Appeals, Criminal Cases Review Commission, Parole Board Reviews, Lifer Panel Hearings, Prison Rights and Courses, re-categorisation and drug testing.


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